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Tree Inspection & Consulting

At Landgraff Tree Service, our team has trained eyes as well as years of experience observing diseased, pest-infested, and hazardous tree problems.

When a tree is diseased, weakened, or dying, it can become a serious safety and liability issue. Even the healthiest tree can become a danger under severe circumstances. Professional tree inspections can identify and remedy costly problems that may arise due to unhealthy, high-risk, or potentially hazardous trees. Before removing any trees, we encourage you to consider a tree inspection and to have one our certified arborists assist you in the decision-making process, as we may be able to save your trees for a reasonable cost.

A tree inspection by a certified arborist can inform you of trees on your property that are weakened, diseased, decaying, insect-infested, or that have stability issues. We understand the needs of trees both young and old, and we have the knowledge to identify the early signs of distress in a tree.

Our certified arborists are often called out to consult with new homeowners or people looking to purchase a home, as well as builders and contractors wanting to develop on properties containing many trees. If you need a tree inspected because you think it may pose a problem, we have the insight and expertise to recommend suitable solutions based on the needs of the situation.

If you have concerns about a tree on your property have it professionally inspected by a certified arborist at Landgraff Tree Service. For a consultation regarding a hazardous tree, please contact us today for more information. We care for your trees!

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