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Cabling & Bracing - The Cobra Cable System

While most other tree care companies use invasive techniques to brace weakened tree limbs, like drilling into the tree to install steel rods or cables, Landgraff Tree Service uses a non-invasive cabling technology that does not require the use of steel parts or drilling into a tree. When performed correctly, professional cabling can protect trees of any size as they age from experiencing damage during severe weather conditions such as harsh storms, heavy winds, and ice. 

Landgraff Tree Service is currently the only tree service company in Windsor and Essex County that utilizes the dynamic Cobra Cable System, which is an affordable non-invasive cabling system used to prevent weak v-shaped tree limbs from splitting apart. The award-winning Cobra Cable System was developed in Germany and is widely used across Europe. It is an easily installed, flexible cable system made of nonconductive lightweight materials. The Cobra Cable System is essentially a UV-protected rope-like structure with an adjustable loop at each end that slings around and supports two weakened limbs of the tree, thereby strengthening and stabilizing the tree by preventing the limbs from splitting apart. 

The tree's limbs are supported by the bracing at each end, but still have the flexibility to move and develop normally without the fear of girdling the tree. Additionally, rubber shock absorbers can be placed in the middle of the cable system to further reduce stress and strain on the tree allowing the tree to move naturally in severe weather without experiencing damage.

If you find yourself questioning the structural integrity of a tree, we can help determine if the tree would benefit from professional cabling and bracing techniques. If would like more information about Landgraff Tree Service's cabling and bracing services, including the Cobra Cable System, please contact us today or simply fill out our online request form and we will happily contact you.

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